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By divine_admin_infosys

The Yoast SEO module for WordPress is one of the most utilized advancements for keeping up SEO best practices. Furthermore, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why, as Yoast gives a far-reaching, simple to-utilize set of apparatuses intended for site-wide SEO and is free for facilitated WordPress locales.

The Yoast module incorporates settings for the site landing page, various pages and posts, informal organizations, XML sitemaps, permalinks, scientific classifications and that’s just the beginning. For the everyday client, the most significant bit of the module to comprehend is the crate that shows up on each page and post of a WordPress site.

The yoast SEO have 2 important feature

  1. Readability tab
  2. Focused Keyphrases

Readability tab

In readability tab we have write more than 650 words with proper keyphrases and serval words are cheeks. The readability analysis is available in English and several languages, such as German, French, Spanish, and Russian. Check out the features per language for an overview. We’re continually working on adding new languages.

  1. Sentence Length
  2. Paragraph Length
  3. Subheading Distribution
  4. Consecutive Sentences
  5. Use Of Passive Voice
  6. Use Of Transition Words
  7. Flesch Reading Ease Score
  8. Text Presence
Transition Words in yoast seo
Transition Words in Yoast SEO

 Focused Keyphrases

The Yoast SEO calculate the number of words and the number of focus keyphrases in your article. Yoast SEO Plugin checks exact same keyword match in the case in the keyword or keyphrases are not mentioned it in an article. The sentence should have some synonyms words as well as focused keywords.

  1. The same keyword mentioned in the title.
  2. Make a proper and long constructive sentence with focused keyword
  3. Also, you should add the same keyword in the slug

Check List for SEO Green Light

  • Check out the copy Flesch Reading Sentence. Try to make shorter sentences to improve readability.
  • Check text word length and add the focused keyword.
  • The focus keyword appears in the URL for this page.
  • The keyword density is 1.2%, which is great; the focus keyword.
  • In the specified Meta description, consider: How does it compare to the competition? Could it be made more appealing?
  • The Meta description contains the focus keyword.
  • The images on this page contain alt tags with the focus keyword.
  • The page title is between the 35 character minimum and the recommended 65 character maximum.
  • The focus keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copy.
  • The focus keyword appears in 1 (out of 2) subheadings in the copy. While not a major ranking factor, this is beneficial.
  • You’ve never used this focus keyword before, very good.
  • The page title contains the focus keyword, at the beginning which is considered to improve rankings.


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