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What are the various types of Google Featured Snippet?

By divine_admin_infosys

Featured snippets bits are chosen indexed lists that are included over Google’s organic outcomes beneath the promotions in a crate. Featured snippets bits go for responding to the client’s inquiry immediately (thus their other surely understood name, “answer boxes”).

Different Types of Featured Snippet

  1. Paragraph featured snippets
  2. List featured snippets
  3. Table featured snippets
  4. YouTube featured snippets
  5. Multifaceted featured snippets
  6. A chart or graph featured snippets
  7. An image featured snippets


  1. Paragraph Featured Snippets

We all are familiar with the Paragraph Featured Snippets. Google extracts text from a page in an attempt to answer the question immediately.

Paragraph Featured Snippets
Paragraph Featured Snippets

The challenge here is that Google is going to pull out just a section of your text. If you want to rank for these short queries, you have to be on top of your page structure and provide the answer in around 40 to 50 words.

Paragraph featured snippets Rank Fast as per rule

  1. The question in an H2 subheading
  2. Answer the question logically by using quora, forums and many more google can fetch quickly.
  3. Put long and 41 words long brief and clearly expressed manner answers the question. They’ve driven with the inquiry as an H2 subheading and promptly addressed it in the accompanying content.


        2. List Featured Snippets

These kinds of snippets are generally preferred for queries about:

  1. Recipes
  2. DIY questions
  3. How to
  4. Unlike paragraph snippets, there are two ways Google pulls this information.
List featured snippets
List featured snippets

     3. Table Featured Snippets

On the off chance that your site depends on the distribution of information, you’re going to need to upgrade for table included scraps. These appear as an outline accumulation of the outcomes from specific informational collections from records, valuing, dates, and costs.

You don’t need to stress over exhibiting this data in a table yourself (despite the fact that that may help the end-client) as Google does it just for you. For ex:

Table featured snippets
Table featured snippets


    4. YouTube Featured Snippets

Video has overwhelmed different types of substance as the most captivating medium. Getting YouTube highlighted pieces is an incredible method to respond to the client’s inquiries in the channel they’re well on the way to draw in with.

For how-to look, Google will pull applicable recordings, at that point feature which segment is well on the way to give the best answer. To expand the odds of your YouTube video appearing in the highlighted pieces, this is what I prescribe:

Utilize an interpretation instrument or transfer content for the video’s shut inscriptions.

Upgrade the portrayal box with some important long-tail catchphrases. Much like bullet point articles, compose the substance in a well-ordered organization.

     5. Multifaceted Featured Snippets

“Sometimes the words we use to ask a question are broad and there could be several different interpretations of the question. With multifaceted featured snippets, we’re able to better understand your query and recognize when there could be multiple interpretations of that query.” Source: Google


Multifaceted featured snippets

     6. Chart or Graph Featured Snippets

We all are familiar with the chart or graph Featured Snippets. Google extracts text from a page in an attempt to answer the question immediately.

chart or graph featured snippets

      7.  An Image Featured Snippets

Many time bits incorporate a photograph or picture. They might be and regularly are from another site than the included substance was curated. This implies there is another chance to gain a spot in this case. In this way, ensure you incorporate great pictures on your pages with focused ‘alt’ label esteems. I prescribe utilizing the objective inquiry as the alt content.

An image featured snippets
              An image featured snippets
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