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Zydus Infra

We have created the website “Pharmez” which is one of the best pharmaceutical social-economic zones in India and is maintained by Zydus Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.


World-Class Infrastructure, Landscaped Surroundings & Host of Fiscal Incentives

✓ Modelled on the lines of internationally reputed biotech parks and free trade zones
✓ Individual plots vary from 10,000 to 50,000 sq. meters. Uncluttered planned layout with landscaped open spaces, high on aesthetics
✓ Well Planned and easily maintainable common utilities
✓ Effluent discharge to C.E.T.P.
✓ Offices of SEZ Commissioner, Customs & Excise Commissioner
✓ Rainwater harvesting, metered water usage, recycling, and zero discharge
✓ Disaster mitigation unit
✓ Bank ATM


Client Testimonial

The project was completed according to the initial timeframe. They deliver what they said they would as per the timeline and also they’re easy to communicate with. The project’s success allowed their team to create more versions of the solution and add more features.

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