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Laravel v/s Codeigniter

By divine_admin_infosys
  • Folder structure of both frameworks are different then each other.
  • Codeigniter is more reliable then laravel as risk of issues and bugs are less in codeigniter.
  • As compare to Codeigniter Laravel framework reduce the critical task of developing a site in less time and also, increases the website efficiency. It makes use of many packageas for Laravel PHP development with fast speed, quick installation, extension ability etc.
  • Codeigniter not supports HTTPs protocols, Laravel Supports the HTTPs protocols and increases the website security level.
  • Laravel support Explicit Routing and Codeigniter supports both Explicit and Implicit Routing.
  • Laravel provides RESTful APIs support inbuilt but in codeigniter need to write extra code to integrate the RESTful APIs.
  • Laravel Uses Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for object relations, Codeigniter uses Active records instead for the relationship management through models.
  • Laravel is more secure and its provide strong authorization and authenitication then codeigniter.
  • Codeigniter have its own template engine this is based on templating language and its easy to understand, Laravel used Blade template engine to optimize the website performance.
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