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JavaScript Essential in Web-Development

By divine_admin_infosys

According to various sources, including the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language on Earth.

However, it seems nowadays that most front end developers, and people looking to hire them, they are looking to take advantages of React or Angular or Vue js to migrate current apps into new forms and to make something better from that app which can be light and easy to use.

There are some huge companies that are now using these JS platforms to run their web apps. They are rolling over Node js with some front end JavaScript.

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • IBM
  • Paypal
  • Microsoft

JavaScript Stays on top

These are some big companies that are adopting this technology into their systems. Uber has built its massive driver/rider matching system on Node.js Distributed Web Architecture. PayPal began using NodeJS as a prototyping platform and when it proved extremely proficient and they decided to try it out in production. Netflix used JavaScript and NodeJS to transform their website into a single page application. Traditionally, Netflix was using enterprise Java to make things work.

Node & Angular & React are leading.

Nowadays people have to shift their ways to JavaScript in order to be with the current world. Systems are advancing with such technologies lets take an example of WordPress. WordPress 5.0 named as Gutenberg has use of React for quicker and easy editing of content. The blocks system in it is completely new to WordPress users. This way many more things will come up by having JavaScript as its core.

There are some eBooks available for free on this website. goalkicker.com you can find free eBooks related to an angular, node and other technologies.

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