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Google Search Console New Update with 3 New Feature Reports

By divine_admin_infosys

There is one new update in Google webmaster has presented three new reports inside the new Google Search Console: report for Unparsable structured data, SiteLinksSearch box, Logo Report information, and two new improvement reports. In this month Google is coming with 3 new feature in Search Console.

  1. Sitelinks Search Box Report
  2. Logo Report
  3. unparsable structured data Report


  1. Sitelinks Search Box Report

If you are using Sitelinks in your website you might see the report of Sitelinks the enhancement reports section. You can see all the data errors, Valid and valid with a warning. To view, reports click on each box you can see different every status issue independently, click the shaded boxes over the bar diagram. You can audit admonitions and blunders per page and see instances of pages which are as of now influenced by the issues, click a particular column underneath the bar graph.

  1. Logo Report

Logo enhancement report. If you are using Logo Markup Google may even add another new improvement report to that segment, which will show more insights concerning the presentation as well as mistakes around your Logo Markup. In the report, you’ll discover patterns of blunders, alerts and substantial things. You’ll have the option to see each status issue independently by tapping the hued boxes over the bar outline. You can audit admonitions and blunders per page by tapping on a particular column underneath the bar graph.

  1. Unparsable structured data Report

The Unparsable structured data information report totals organized information structure syntax error. It puts all the parsing issues, for example, organized information punctuation mistakes, that explicitly kept Google from distinguishing the element type. As per Google, “that is the reason these issues are amassed here rather than the proposed explicit component report.” what’s more, Google said that you can utilize this report to check whether Google was unfit to parse any of the organized information you endeavored to add to your site.

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