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What is an ETP Plant?

By divine_admin_infosys

ETP plant is known as effluent treatment plant which is a waste water treatment process used for treating the wastewater and to meet pollution board laid disposal guidelines and norms. In order to make sure that the waste water received is treated properly according to the norms and the amount of waste is with respect to pre decided guidelines, it is necessary to have a software that looks after the whole functioning of the ETP Plant Management.

ETP Plant Management Software

ETP plant management software is one such software which helps in taking into consideration the whole process of wastewater treatment and checking the standards and norms provided by the authority. 

ETP plant treatment involves a wastewater treatment process for treating contaminants in the form of organic matter, inorganic matter, heavy metals, oil and grease etc. These treatment plants are further categorized into Chemical treatment, Biological treatment, combination of chemical & biological treatment and thermal treatment. 

Water is an essential part of the manufacturing and many other processes when it comes to industry and domestic use. It is not only used as a coolant and solvent but also in many other chemical based reactions in companies. After the completion of the manufacturing process, this wastewater is formed as a byproduct. 

After the water is converted into a byproduct or a waste water, it is known as an effluent. This effluent contains toxic and non-toxic materials. Thus, they cannot be disposed of to the environment due to the harmful material it contains. ETP plants come into play when the wastewater or the effluent needs to be refined.  

The requirement of effluent treatment plants is based on the industry. Different companies have different wastewaters composition and require slightly different effluent treatment plants. The differentiation of the wastewater is determined based on two main parameters –

  • Physical parameters of the Wastewater – The physical parameters include physical properties like solids, turbidity, the temperature of the water and the colour.

  • Chemical Parameters of the wastewater – The chemical parameters include a lot of factors like inorganic substances present, wastewater alkaline, hardness of water, organic matter, metals, fluorides present and many other chemicals. 

These minute and intricate details are mentioned in the software and helps the individual in maintaining proper record and notings.

The ETP plant management software aims at making the work of the ETP Plant easier by automating most of the processes. Divine INfosys is one such IT solutions company which provides customized ETP Plant Management software. 

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