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Complete Guidance of Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

By divine_admin_infosys

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the level of single-page visits (or web sessions). It is the level of visits where an individual leaves your site from the greeting page without perusing any further. Google examination ascertains and reports the Bounce rate of a site page and ricochet rate of a site.

There are many things to the contribution to your website Bounce Rate is too high or too low.

  1. Website Back-End data is not put it properly
  2. Your Website Load Speed is Slow
  3. Your Meta-Descriptions are Poorly Written
  4. You Don’t Have a Landing Page
  5. Your website Content is Badly Written or Confusing
  6. You Aren’t Mobile loading speed


According to Google, “Bounce Rate is the level of single-page sessions (for example sessions in which the individual left your site from the passageway page without interfacing with the page).”Everyone has any question regarding bounce rate

  1. Is bounce rate is too low and high is good or bad?
  2. what is ideal bounce rate
  3. How we can fix it?


  1. Is bounce rate is too low and high is good or bad?

I share you my experience, Last month my company website bounce rate is getting down is like starting 10, 9, 8, 7, 6….3%. I have gone in tens why my website bounce rate is too much low. Sometimes a website has a higher bounce rate like 60%- 86% or more than that what to do at that time. Here are some easy solutions. A site’s bounce rate is the level of individuals who have arrived on your site and don’t peruse any further. At the end of the day, bounce rate speaks to single site hits as it were. Don’t get panic here you can fix it the Bounce Rate.

bounce rate
                        Bounce Rate
  • Check all the data and content is copy paste
  • Check complete website there is any grammar issued found
  • Check your Google Analytics Tracking code put it on 1 more than that. If it is yes then remove it because Google cant track your website page bounce rate due to google analytics tracking code put it 1 or more than.
  • If your website in WordPress platform and you activate the plugin like Monster Insights, Exact Metrics deactivate the WordPress Plugins from the WordPress website Dashboard.
  • Once you remove or deactivate the plugin with 24hr or 48hr that means 1 or 2 days check the Report bounce rate Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Check the result bounce rate it will 15-18% like this

Now you have another question in your mind what is ideal bounce rate. The answer to this question is based on two things – the website and the website’s baseline.

  1. what is ideal bounce rate

As a Google Guideline, a bounce rate in the scope of 26 to 40 % is amazing. 41 to 55 % is generally normal. 56 to 70 % is higher than normal, however, may not be the reason to worry contingent upon the site. Anything more than 70 percent is baffling for everything outside of websites, news, blog, etc.

bounce rate by moz
        Image courtesy: Bounce Rate by Moz

The above image as you can see here we can see all the website page and page session time. This image takes by Moz blog by Rand Fishkin.

  1. How we can fix it?

Simply look at this when we look at gander at Moz’s own Google Analytics for Whiteboard Friday, we can see that they frequently observe ricochet rates of over 80%. While I don’t know without a doubt (such as the vulnerability encompassing ricochet rate as a measurement), I’d be happy to wager that undeniably over 20% of guests to the Whiteboard Friday pages are intrigued and connected with what Rand needs to state.

Naturally, Google Analytics considers a guest to have collaborated with your site on the off chance that they visited, in any event, one extra page. The ricochet rate you find in your diagram report on Google Analytics is your site-wide skip rate.

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