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7 SEO GOOGLE TOOL: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

By divine_admin_infosys

1.    Page seeped insight

You are just done with your new website and you want to check your site speed. You get nice with the content full site also you get traffic but get more bounce rate.

Source: PageSpeed-Insights-Tool-Update

What to do now

Just check this online free tool gives a score and offers explicit tips for accelerating a site page. It discloses to you which contents and templates are backing off your website, which pictures are too huge, and offers numerous different tips for accelerating your site pages.

2.  Webmaster search Console


For a beginner or any SEO professional this is tool everyone should be known and used it Google Webmaster is also known as a Search Console Google Webmaster Tools may be a free service that helps you value and maintain your website’s performance in search results (1). Offered as a free service to anyone who owns a website, Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) could be a passage of knowledge from the most important search engine within the world to you, providing insights into however it sees your web site and serving to you uncover problems that require fixing.

How the Search Console (GWT) can help monitor your website’s performance

  1. First, you can login to google Search Console and add a property (website url)
  2. Verify your URL with google by using Meta Tag that google can provide. You can add the Meta tag in your website back ended data. Once your property can verify after 48 hr you get update crawled a website.
  3. WT makes it potential to submit new pages and posts for Google to crawl and remove content you do not wish search engine users to find.
  4. It helps you deliver and measure content that provides users an additional visual expertise.
  5. Maintain your website while not disrupting its presence in search results.
  6. It permits you to find and eliminate malware or spam issues which will not be simply found through different means that.

3.  Google Analytics

Google Analytics
source: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing tool and it is Free by itself, however does one use powerful Add-ons as well? Every month new Google Analytics tools square measure created and a few of them are pure gold.

How Analytics can help you in your client website analytics

  1. Real-time data
  2. User-focused reporting
  3. Audiences in reporting
  4. Lifetime metrics and dimensions
  5. Demographics and interests
  6. Behavior flow
  7. Frequency and recency
  8. Setup Goal
  9. New vs. returning visitors
  10. Google’s mobile first index
  11. Conversion goals
  12. Multi-channel funnels
  13. Attribution models
  14. Conversion probability

4. Google Trends

google trends
source: Google Trends

Google Trends can help you trends about keyword the Google Trends provides info regarding keyword quality and additionally segments the data by time and earth science. The time section will provide you with a concept of however seasons might have an effect on keywords. It may also show you if a keyword is losing quality. If you see a downward trend in an exceedingly keyword, this might indicate that a product or trend is inflicting searchers to lose interest therein search.

Why will you use Google Trends?

  1. You will get Google Trends is additionally vital for competitive analysis. It shows you ways typically individuals area unit looking out Google with a competitor’s name. The line by time can show you ways steady this trend is, if it’s growing, down or steady.
  2. You will also check your competitor site and check a trends for a particular keywords.
  3. Also you know the highest and lowest region it should be country, state, and city of the keyword.

5.  Chrome LightHouse

chrome lighthouse
source:Chrome Lighthouse

Google LightHouse is new and amazing free tool by Google .You can used tool for getting complete website report and download it.

If you want to take this tool you can get Google chrome Extension for making report of website.

10 things you will get from google lighthouse tool

  1. View Meta Tag
  2. Title Element
  3. Meta Description
  4. HTTP Status Code
  5. Descriptive Text on Links
  6. Page Status for Successful Crawling & Indexing
  7. Validates Hreflang
  8. Validates rel=canonical
  9. Validates font legibility for mobile devices
  10. Checks if document avoids browser plugins for viewing

6.  Safe browser Test

google safe browser
source : Google Safe Browser

Basically this tool is work for website content and Malware virus of the site it is secure and help us out from the virus site.

This tool assist you out the Malware content on web site the location the positioning} However… A neatest thing concerning this tool is that it additionally reveals the last date a site was tested. I don’t understand what the factors is for a way usually a website is tested. Some sites are tested additional usually than others.

7.    Test MySite

test my site
Source: test my site

This is tool is specifically for mobile site speed optimization it will show you what are the issue of your site and how you can fixed it. Also you can get report by google itself .In this tool Google can tell you the website mobile speed and which server means (3G, 4G) it can show you the exact time frame of opening the website in mobile.

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